Monday, 19 January 2009

A quiet weekend

We didn't do much this weekend, we decided to have a lazyish time of it. On Saturday afternoon we had a go - finally - at making some plaster-of-paris imprints of Lara's hands and feet. Well, we decided to practise on Mishka first. It's the first time I've used plaster of paris since I was a little boy and my sister and I would make plaster figures from Magic Roundabout moulds - remember that, Cath?!
Anyway, our lack of experience showed, and we left the plaster too long before trying to make the imprint of Mishka's paw. He was delighted, but at least we know better for when we try with Lara, which at our rate of doing things, will be in the summer!
Lucy came over on Saturday evening and her and Olga went out for a girly gossip and to try out the new Wetherspoons pub in Wycombe, and in particular their 99p bottles of San Miguel.
Lara has started with a new cold now, and it manifested itself on Saturday night when it took me 45 minutes to get her back to sleep after she woke at 11pm. It's frustrating because she's clearly tired and wants to sleep, but the second she dropped off she'd cough and wake up. Eventually the Calpol and Tixylix combination kicked in and she slept through the rest of the night, much like her Dad depsite the tipsy Russians arriving home at 2am (so Olga told me, it could have been 5am, I was snoring my little head off in bed).
Sunday was even quieter, I only left the house to walk Mishka in the evening and that was it. We cooked a roast duck for lunch and fended off the winter weather with rhubarb crumble and custard for afters. Lara enjoyed some of the duck but not so much the veggies, but we'll let her off being picky while she's under the weather.
That said, she did sleep through the night last night, but a combination of her cold and a touch of Delhi Belly (Or Wycombe Intestine?) meant that we didn't risk taking her to nursery today, so I've stayed at home to look after her. I made an attempt to get some work done in our study so Lara came with me and promptly unpacked all the drawers and went through all the bags she could find...

It's Liverpool v Everton tonight on Sky, so I'm off down to the Wendover when my shift ends for a relaxing beer, no doubt to watch a Liverpool "special", a 0-0 draw.
Famous Last Words.

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