Monday, 12 January 2009

Frosty but nice

Papa was in charge on Friday night as Mama was exhausted from an all-day meeting in London, but Lara seemed to play along and sleep well. Until 4am that is, when poor Mama had to get up and look after her, eventually returning to the tried-and-tested method of putting Lara to sleep in her pram in the lounge and Mama sleeping on the sofa.

Saturday was cold - it never got above zero degrees in Wycombe according to our thermometers, and the frost on the trees outside. It did make for a nice walk in the afternoon though, so long as we were all well wrapped up. In the evening we went over to Reading for our friend Simon's birthday party at his flat, where Lara and Eve enjoyed sharing each other's toys, amongst other things. It was after 9pm before we got Lara ready for bed, and we decided to try giving her her usual bowl of porridge just before she goes to bed, rather than giving it to her downstairs, then taking her upstairs then getting her ready for bed. That, combined with being tired after the party and going to bed late, seemed to work and she fell asleep straight away, and stayed asleep until 9am - a personal best!
Olga and I watched Mamma Mia - I have to admit that I assumed it would be a chick-flick and whilst I was mildly curious to see it, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't vomit at the first few bars of an ABBA song. You can even play the DVD in "sing-along" mode whereby it'll put the words on the screen as the songs are being sung...

Sunday was a quiet day for us, the nice frosty weather had given way to warmer, but wetter and windier. We popped a chicken in the oven and went for a walk round Flackwell Heath, the village were this nice Stag pub was that Lara took me to on Tuesday. The village itself is a disappointment, not nearly as pretty as the pub suggests it should be, but we had a drink in the Stag afterwards while Lara slept in the backpack carrier, drawing "oooohs" and "aaaahs" from the staff and customers.
We tried the new teatime food regime on Lara again, so she had chicken and vegetables for tea at 6.30 then a bowl of porridge at 7.30, once she had had her bath and was in her PJs. It took a little longer to get her off to sleep this time, but once she had fallen asleep, that was the last we heard from her until Olga had to wake her up at 6.30 this morning. Have we found the secret? It's too early to say but it looks good so far....

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