Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Teething and Bond

We had a nice and quiet weekend this weekend, trying to continue the holiday feel. Lucy came over on Saturday, and we all went down into Wycombe. My plan had been to take Lara to the pub to watch the England v South Africa rugby match while Olga & Lucy did girly shopping, but somehow we all went to the pub.
Our next big idea was that we'd get Lara off to sleep nice and early, and Olga and I could go out for the evening while Lucy babysat. Great plan, only Lara hadn't read it. Far from screaming her head off, she was just super happy and awake from 7pm (proposed sleepy time) until 8.30pm (actual sleepy time), which meant Olga and I had to make a fast dash down to the town centre, grab a quick meal in Pizza Express and a couple of pints in a pub before getting home for soon after 11. Better than nothing though!
On Sunday we took advantage of Lucy still being around to go to the cinema for the first time since Lara was born, I think (well, together, anyway). We went to see Quantum of Solace in the Eden Centre Cineworld. The cinema was very nice, not quite as nice as the Vue in Reading, but considering that there was only one other couple watching the 11.20am showing, we were pretty happy. I'd only give the film 6/10 though, it was wayyyyyyy too fast-paced, vital parts of the plot were skimmed over at a hundred miles an hour, and just because the free-running at the start of Casino Royale was so good, they felt compelled to include a lot of free-running in this one too - it actually gets boring after a while!

Lara's sleeping is more disturbed at the moment, which we're putting down to teething, there's lots of gum- and finger- sucking going on, red cheeks, and regular waking in the night. Ho hum, not much we can do about it other than keep the teething gel and calpol handy. I'm writing this late at night as I'm going to sleep in the nursery with Lara tonight so Olga gets a good night's sleep as she has to get up early to see clients in London tomorrow.
On that note, I can hear some cries... oh no, false alarm I think, she's quietened down again.
As Zebedee once said.. time for bed.

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