Thursday, 6 November 2008

Mishka survives his weekend away

Mishka was fine when we picked him up on Monday afternoon, after we'd been away in the North East for the weekend. It was reported that he'd eaten OK, and hadn't needed his buster cone on as the staff hadn't seen him scratching his poorly cheek.
He seems to have learnt some clever things from his dog-mates, he can now undo our stairgate at the bottom of the stairs, which has prevented him from coming upstairs for nearly two years, this led to a few surprise visits by him in the study and nursery this week. I made some alterations to the gate last night and now he can't open it, but whilst he was told off for doing it, we were secretly impressed that he had learnt how to defeat the gate!
It wouldn't have helped him get through the secondary gate that we have installed at the door to the nursery though, which we use when Lara's playing in there and we can't be in there full-time with her, so we weren't worried that he could get to Lara without us being there. Even if he did we've not seen anything so far to suggest he'd harm her, but of course we're not going to tempt fate.

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