Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Have Baby, Will Travel

We decided it was time to get a proper carrier for Lara for times when we're out walking with her and Mishka in the countryside; the BabyBjorn is great for trips round the shops or short walks on footpaths, but as soon as you "off-road" it becomes tricky because you can't see where you're putting your feet.
Catherine showed us her Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier she has for Lizzie, it was a make we weren't aware of but certainly ticked all the boxes, so I plunged into eBay last week and won an auction for one, and it arrived yesterday. Lara seemed to have no problem riding around the lounge in it last night, and Dad even got his ears pulled and head massaged, which is a bonus!
Between this, with all it's extra pockets for "stuff" and Mishka's saddlebags, Olga shouldn't need to carry anything but herself with grace and dignity when we're walking in Devon next week!

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