Tuesday, 7 October 2008

DIY? DIMBLTN (Did It Myself, Better Late Than Never)

This weekend was a DIY one, I had a sudden attack of determination to finish some jobs in the kitchen that had been hanging around for just over a year, like putting some shelves up and fitting some sliding baskets into the cupboards. The wood for the shelves has been in the shed since the kitchen was fitted last September (2007!) and the veg baskets have been in a box in the lounge for those 13 months!
Anyway, it all got done, the kitchen looks much better for it now, as we can clear a lot of the clutter off the worktops.
Olga got in on the act and put our new carpet cleaner to work in the lounge. As Lara is now crawling everywhere, we desperately needed to clean the carpet after Mishka's various mishaps - there's only so much cleaning you can do with kitchen roll and washing up liquid. The carpet looks great now, the new cleaner worked a treat, and we're happy for Lara to crawl around on it. Olga did have a surprise when she tried to get in the lounge on Sunday; Lara had crawled from the dining area to the lounge door, and was sitting there blocking it while Olga was trying to open it. Luckily the door is a glass panel one, so we could see her, and this led to a funny little game of waving through the glass, but also mean another cleaning job, as the glass in that door hadn't been cleaned since we moved in. All these things you need to think about once the little 'un starts crawling!
Another door gate is on the cards now for her nursery...

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