Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Lara 8 Month Check Up

Lara's had her 8 month routine check up today. It included being weighed, she's 17lbs 14oz (8.120kg), an increase of only 4 ounces in 2 and a half weeks, but still the health visitors are saying this is fine, and it puts her only just below the 50th percentile. We're not going to change the routine (mum's milk first thing, then porridge and yoghurt at 8.30, a jar each of mains and dessert with tomato and / or other fresh veggies for lunch, a mid-afternoon snack like fruit and a yoghurt, a jar of mains and dessert for tea at 5pm and mum's milk before bed at 7.30), we'll just increase the quantities slowly.
Other than that, everything seems tickety-boo. Her hips are OK, they tried testing her grip, seeing if she could pick up a scrap of paper. She did it fine with her right hand, but lost interest in it straightaway and refused to use her left hand. We'll try her out at home with something more interesting than a scrap of paper (a fiver note probably!).
Her tooth is still coming through, but you can clearly see the top 3 or 4 mm of it now, and you can definitely feel it when she bites you. It's the front left one, so we're hoping the front right one isn't far behind or she'll have an asymmetrical smile, and no-one wants that.

This afternoon is a big moment, it's the first settling-in session at the nursery in Marlow. We're taking her there for an hour, and we sit in the room with her while she plays. Tomorrow we leave her alone for half an hour, then join her for the other half hour, and on Friday this is increased to something more like 50 minutes without us.
Her first full day is Monday, when Olga starts back at work!

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