Friday, 1 August 2008

A busy week this week... and next!

It's been a hectic week here this week, I've been busy at work, and Lara's been keeping us on our toes at home. She's not had a great week for sleeping, but I think much of that is to do with the temperature and humidity at night, it has been hard to know what to dress her in while she's sleeping. I even took her for a drive on Wednesday night to get her off to sleep, which worked for an hour or two, but she still ended up coming to bed with us. We worked out last night that if we put her musical mobile on when we put her to bed, it calms her down, as she normally starts to cry as soon as we put her to bed; then once she's calm we put her on her side and sshh her, and that worked last night, as we often see her sleeping on her side, so figure it's OK.

Next week will be interesting, as I've been ordered to Houston at short notice, so I'm flying out on Monday morning and planning to return on Friday morning. I'd hoped to arrange a dog-walker to help Olga with Mishka, but as I write I'm waiting for a call-back. Olga of course insists she'll cope with Lara and Mishka!

Well, it's the end of the week, Pietersen has just got himself out in the 3rd test when he was going on perfectly well, so OLga, Lara & I are going to retire to the pub for a drink!

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