Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend

Lara had the pleasure of my company for much of the Bank Holiday weekend; on Saturday we went to watch some of the cricket at Littlewick Green, followed by a visit to Anton and Becca's; on Sunday we went shopping in Wycombe. Well, we went round the shops but we didn't buy much. It turned into a bit of a pub crawl really, as first Lara needed her lunch (so we went to our local), then later I needed my lunch (so we went to a pub in the town centre) then on the way home Lara needed her tea, so the only convenient place where we could sit was, you guessed it, back in our local!

While watching that Britain From Above programme on BBC, Olga and I decided we'd like to go and see Oxford, as it formed part of the programme we had recorded from the weekend before. It's silly that it's only a 30 minute drive and we've not been, so we went on Monday afternoon. Funnily enough, we stopped in a pub near the centre so Lara could have her lunch (we would have had ours too if they'd been serving anything more than toasties), then we tried a restaurant for our lunch but they were so busy it would have taken all afternoon to get our food, so we left after being seated. How very un-English!
After trying a couple of other pubs that were too busy or too small (those 17th century architects just didn't have even maclaren buggies in mind) we tried The King's Arms, and it was perfect. Enough room for us, and they even had a high chair; Lara should have been dozing but after being in her fifth pub in just over 24 hours, she was determined to enjoy it, so she happily entertained herself in the high chair, being coo-ed at by Russian tourists; it's fun to encourage Olga to earwig on conversations that other people think can't be understood. We learnt that this group's hotel was nice but they couldn't quite work out if they would be served at their table by a waitress or if they had to order from the bar.
After out lunch we wandered past more colleges, and had ice-cream in the grounds of Christ Church College, and Lara had her tea. I know! NOT in a pub. Although to be honest we had been aiming for the Head of the River pub a few hundred metres further down the road, but decided to sit in the park instead for a change.

There are a couple of photos from Oxford in the New Photos bit on the left of the blog.

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