Monday, 16 June 2008

We're back!

We made it back OK! I'll not get started on a long post, suffice it to say that Petrokamensk was pretty much what I expected it to be, if a little bigger than a village, but set in some spectacular scenery; it's hard to get across the size of the area unless you've actually been there, but it's big.
We had snowflakes falling in the first couple of days, although they didn't stick, but I did need to buy some warm socks and a better hat when we went to the nearest big town. By the end of the week the sun had come out and it was lovely.
The journey home via Ekaterinburg was one of the easiest flights I've taken from a non-European airport, with no queues and a plane that was barely a third full (we were assigned all six seats on our row).
Here are just a couple of photos from Petrokamensk and the surrounding areas, I'll be uploading a proper web album in the fullness of time, of course.

Baba Shura's (Olga's Grandma) house. Baba Shura is the one sitting down

The author blending naturally into his surroundings

Olga, Lara and Luda by the river where we went fishing on our last full day

Baba Shura with Lara

Sunset over the lake, around 11.15pm

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