Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wagons roll!!

We're an hour into the 36 hour train journey from Moscow to Tyumen. We have our own little 2 berth cabin, and it's a lovely evening to watch the scenery slip by. It's mostly trees and Olga reckons that will be the story fo much of the journey.
We've ordered our meal for tonight, included in the price, a 2 course meal with 100ml of vodka included (Olga's having juice, don't worry!). We've brought supplies on board with us too, food,booze and water aplenty.
I'm still using my PDA to post this blog, so for now you'll just have to do with a blurred photo of my can of G&T and Lara playing. More later, as and when a GPRS signal allows.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having fun. I've always wanted to do the Trans-Siberian. Did you really take teh G&T with you or is it a Russian variant?

Becca said...

Lara seems to have a well manicured foot growing out of her side. Is that a cunning ruse to start walking early? Hope you're all having a good time.