Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Catherine is 23 again ;-)
A little investigation on Wikipedia tells me that April 8th is also the birthday of:
Alec Stewart (1963) - former England cricketer and all-round hero.
Mark Blundell (1964) - former British Formula 1 driver and now commentator on ITV.
John McGinlay (1964) - Scottish footballer who played for Bury (hurrah) in the early 90s, and for Bolton (hurooo) in the middle 90s.
Julian Lennon (1963) - son of some Scouse singer.
Vivienne Westwood (1941) - Fashion designer.
Kofi Annan (1938) - former UN Secretary General

Oh, and it's also Buddha's Birthday in Japan.

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catherine said...

Many thanks for the birthday wishes and particularly refraining from mentioning my real age. Nick sent me a talking Yoda birthday card which says "When 900 years old you reach, not as good you will look" Ha bloody Ha!